Sizing Information

Wondering if the piece you want will fit?  

Shopping for vintage items can be challenging because a “Large” from the 1970s can differ from one made in the 90s. Plus, fibers can condense and expand from wash and wear. For that reason, we make sure to provide measurements for each piece alongside the size listed on the tag.  

All measurements are in inches.

The first measurement indicates the width of the item and the second indicates the length. 

Legit Fits Sizing Chart


Notice the width measurement spans from the seam of each corner, and the length measurement begins at the top of the back panel of the item.



To determine if an item will fit, either measure yourself with a tape measure, or find the measurements of an item that you already own, and know fits your body, and compare the two.



Who even owns a measuring tape?

Want to forego the measuring tape and wing it? Here’s a general sizing chart to give you a better idea, but don’t say we didn’t warn you!


Legit Fits General Sizing Chart &  Recommendation